Sustainability and Climate Change issues are having an increasingly direct impact on businesses, investors, consumers, the workforce and governments.

In particular, businesses wish to adapt to the new data and at the same time remain competitive in the economy by taking active action for sustainability. Consequently, the management of an organization’s legal parameters now requires the inclusion of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

In today’s reality, investors and other stakeholders expect businesses to pursue sustainability, address risks such as climate change, and commit to diversity, inclusion and equity. In the same context, standards and regulations on ESG criteria are rapidly expanding at local, national and global levels. Taking into account the above data and the continuous developments in Sustainability and Climate Change issues, there is an increased demand for legal services that focus exclusively on ESG issues. In addition, ESG factors are becoming increasingly important in weighing the legal implications of business decisions and their long-term plans. In the course of adapting to Climate Change, businesses will face both new risks and new opportunities with far-reaching legal implications. Therefore, to remain sustainable, they will have to keep up with both society’s ongoing expectations of corporate sustainability behavior and changing business models.

The above developments led to the integration of ESG, to the adaptation to the impacts of Climate Change in general and to the strengthening of sustainable practices to constitute a special subject of research and work of the legal world today. In this vein, our Law Firm offers legal services related to issues of Sustainability and Climate Change. Specifically, our team conducts legal research to identify key climate risks while being involved in the creation and development of sustainable practices (Sustainability Plans) for the realization of critical investments; furthermore, we offer compliance services as regards the evolving regulations at an international, European and national level.

DTK Sustainability Report 2023

Following on the example of European Law Firms, we are implementing a sophisticated sustainability model that determines the level and scientific prestige of our work.

Legal Research for
Key Climate Risks

Creation & Development
of Sustainable Practices

Compliance Services
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